ESX360 and Gaming FAQ

What is ESX360?

ESX360 is an action-sports gaming brand. We are entrenched in the gaming and esports communities. Our designs come from hours and years of gaming experience as well as the culture and lifestyle around it. We know gaming - and what you need to make you feel like a pro gamer.

What is esports?

Esports is the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Major games for esports include Fortnite, League of Legends (Also known as LoL), Counter-Strike (CS), Call of Duty (CoD), Overwatch (OW) and many more.

These games are watched by an ever increasing audience from all over the world, either on TV, or online, on streaming services such as Twitch.tv. 

Who can play esports?

Everyone can take a shot at becoming a pro gamer. With the right preparation, practice and gear, everything is possible. Becoming a pro-gamer takes dedication - You need to be able to constantly learn - techniques and new things are always appearing in the esports gaming field. 

What is an ESX Pro Gamer?

ESX360 represents gamers of all ages - across all playing fields. Putting ESX360 gamer gear on is the ultimate way to make feel like a real pro gamer. Since we use the same materials as the official teams, you'll be able to get a feel of what it's like to be a pro gamer.

Are you an official team?

ESX360 is not an official gaming team, however, you can join our Discord community to find other gamers to discuss, play and compete together.

Why wear ESX Pro Gamer Gear?

Our designs come from hours and years of gaming experience as well as the culture and lifestyle around it. You get it. We play a lot. We try to bring that same spirit to our clothing design. We think about things like roomy fits, comfy fabrics that wick, tech features and reflective details.

Do you offer sponsorships?

We currently do not offer any sponsorships, but you can always reach out to us over at our contact page.

Do Pro Gamers game on PC or console?

While this mostly depends on what game you're playing, most professional gaming takes place on PC. This is due to the popular esports games being exclusive to the computer - and the fact that computers are able to run games smoothly, with low latency, very consistently. 

How do I join esports?

1) Be Motivated

2) Pick your game

3) Join the community

4) Gear Up

5) Practice, Practice and Practice.


Product and shipping information

Custom Products

Customized goods, such as Jerseys and performance wear with custom names and/or gamer tags cannot be returned. When making a custom purchase, please be mindful of the order details and size charts. 

Shipping information

Every order will be processed within 5-14 business days of receiving the order. Delivery times are based on orders placed between Monday & Friday. The customer is also responsible for any additional local taxes or fees levied upon delivery, by their local jurisdiction, for purchasing items outside their country.

US Shipping Information

US orders will be shipped through USPS.

International Shipping Information

All international orders will be shipped through FEDEX.

Canada Shipping Information

All orders will be shipped through Canada Post. 

Where is ESX360 available?

ESX360 is available across Walmart in the United States and Canada. You can also take a look at our store locator.

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